How to help save money on the Dewalt Planer

An online flyer sent out to prospective customers of a Dewalt planERWALT, Idaho—The United Airlines plane crash that killed three of its passengers on Wednesday may have also saved the airline millions of dollars.

The crash happened during a routine flight to Phoenix from New York, the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday.

The plane was on a routine transcontinental flight from Newark, N.J., to Las Vegas when it crashed.

The pilot, Paul Fagan, and three other passengers, two men and a woman, died at the scene.

A fourth passenger, the plane’s captain, survived.

A video of the crash shows Fagan struggling with the controls.

He then appears to fall to the ground and his body jerks toward the runway.

The plane is seen rolling back toward the gate, and the pilot and a second passenger, both wearing seat belts, can be seen on the ground trying to revive Fagan.

The FAA released a statement saying the pilot made a right turn at an intersection, and that the plane was traveling at about 2,300 feet per minute when it hit a grassy field.

Fagan was traveling between Los Angeles and New York.

He is survived by his wife, four children and his parents.

An FAA spokeswoman told The Associated Press that the FAA is still working to identify the cause of the accident.

The accident has already sparked criticism of the way the airline handles accidents, with the airline offering $5,000 to anyone who can identify the crash site.

Airlines are also being asked to keep their crash sites and video footage on file for investigators.


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