Homeowners: It’s time to buy a mansion for $1 million

A couple in their 40s, who are on the verge of purchasing a house on a beautiful street in Florida, want to make a few quick changes to their future, but they’re looking for some help.

The couple, who were both born and raised in Florida and who are now married, want a more modest home in a neighborhood with less traffic and more privacy.

The pair has an unusual story.

They’ve been working on the idea for about two years and were planning to build a modest house when they were contacted by real estate agent, and real estate broker, Jeff Pardo.

After a little more research, they decided to build their dream home in the Miami area.

Pardo is a longtime Miami-based real estate executive and an adviser to President Donald Trump.

He said they’ve been looking for homes in Miami for some time and that they knew they needed to buy something more modest, so they started looking for something closer to the city, where the average home price is about $1.2 million.

Pardo said they contacted about three dozen people to find out what properties were available in the area and the results were overwhelming.

The first was a home near the Miami airport, where they found a property in the 6300 block of Miami Drive for $2.5 million.

Pardo said the buyer was a Miami resident, who had bought the home years ago, and the seller was a real estate professional.

The home had just received a major remodel and the sale price was $2 million less than what they were looking for, but it had a lot of amenities that they thought would help them live independently and their kids would enjoy living in it, Pardo added.

The second home they were interested in was a 4,000-square-foot home in Miami Beach that was listed for $3.5 to $4 million.

It was listed in Miami’s Northwest Miami neighborhood and the buyers wanted the home for $5 million or more, Pardo noted.

The buyer is a Miami-area resident and has owned the home in question for a few years.

The seller is a realtor and was willing to help them find a better price for the property, Pondo said.

The house is not in any rush to move and they are already working on renovations, Pico said.

They are looking to move to a smaller house on the same block in the future, and will start looking at the possibility of selling in the next few weeks, Pano said.

The couple plans to buy their first home, he said, because they have a son and a daughter and want to build on their love of Miami.

Pico said he had never heard of any properties that sell for as little as $1,000,000.

He thinks a couple who owns a home on a street like this one would make a good first-time homebuyer.

“It’s not that they don’t want to do it, they just don’t know how to do that,” he said.

Pano said he has worked with the couple for a while, and they’ve done a lot for him.

He added that he and Pardo were able to get a mortgage rate that was lower than the typical mortgage rate for a $1 billion home.

“They’ve gotten a mortgage from a bank that is more affordable than what we would have gotten if we’d gone to a bank and said, ‘We want you to get this house,'” he said of the buyer.

The sale price for a Miami house is currently $1m.


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