Microsoft offers $3.99 airline credit for buying plane tickets, and you can use it on other plans too!

The Verge article Microsoft today announced that its airline credit plans, Airline Credit and Flight Credit, will be compatible with Microsoft Wallet, an app that allows you to pay for plane tickets and other purchases on the App Store.

This is great news for travelers, because you’ll be able to use the credit on all of your other Microsoft Wallet accounts as well.

Microsoft has also rolled out its Passport credit plan, which lets you pay for airline tickets, hotel stays, and more, using a passcode on a Microsoft Wallet card.

Microsoft Wallet is a secure, mobile wallet for travel and other financial transactions.

The Passport card is compatible with all of Microsoft Wallet’s payment plans, including the new Microsoft AirPass Plus, as well as Microsoft Travel and Microsoft Travel Plus, which allows you get $10 off every purchase with no minimum.

Microsoft’s airline credit and airline ticket purchase plans are available for purchase from the Windows Store and in the Microsoft Wallet app.

You can purchase these plans at a discount by paying with a credit card or debit card, or by purchasing the Microsoft Visa Card, which is the same credit card that you use on Microsoft Pay and Microsoft PayPlus.

You can also buy the Microsoft SkyPass credit card at a discounted rate through Microsoft Wallet through September 10, which will be available for $75 for one year and $20 for two years.

The SkyPass card can also be used on Microsoft Passport, Microsoft Travel, and Microsoft Passplus, and all three of these cards are compatible with other Microsoft cards, too.


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