C130 plane gets diabetes treatment

The C130J Super Hercules is the largest C130 air cargo plane in the world, with a seating capacity of 2,600 people.

The C-130 is the main cargo plane for the United States Air Force, but also serves as a logistical hub for other international partners.

Its predecessor, the C-124, has been retired for good, but a new version is expected to come online soon.

Its main mission is to deliver cargo to military bases overseas. 

In a recent CNN interview, C-131 pilot Mark Rader said the C130 is designed to be an excellent trainer. 

“We’re doing a lot of stuff to make it a very good trainer, and I think we’re doing the right things, to be sure,” he said. 

This is the second time the plane has been in trouble.

In 2015, the aircraft had to be grounded due to an engine failure, and a maintenance worker was injured.

A year later, the plane was grounded again after a fire broke out.

 The pilot said the maintenance crew had not been properly trained and had not met the C135 training requirements. 

The C-135J SuperHercules are currently the only C-129 air cargo planes in service.

The SuperHepes have been flying since 2001 and have a capacity of about 2,200 people.

 In 2016, C130 jets were grounded due a fire at the New Orleans airport. 

A C-125 plane was also grounded in February due to a fire in Chicago. 

Airbus also is operating a C-127 plane from its Boeing-built terminal at the Atlanta airport.

The aircraft is the only domestic passenger air cargo flight operated by Boeing.

In 2019, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs warned of a spike in foodborne cases in the Philippines, which has a population of roughly 8.5 million.

The UN has warned that a rise in food-borne cases is also linked to an increase in the number of people in the country, which is currently home to about 70 million.

The Philippines, however, says its health system is better than that of the Philippines and that the number is far below the official figures.

This article has been updated to include additional details.


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