Trump says he won’t release tax returns because of ongoing IRS audit

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: There is no doubt that the IRS is under a tremendous amount of pressure, and I would say to you that, with regard to our presidency, the IRS has not been subject to the same level of scrutiny that any other administration.

But I will not be releasing any tax returns until the audit is completed.

PRESIDENT JEFF BARACK OBAMA: The president has repeatedly said he will release his returns, and he’s not saying that they are incomplete.

The president is not releasing any of his tax returns.

The IRS has said that he will.

I am not releasing my returns because the audit has not started yet.

I have to go through the process to get them completed.

There are certain things that you will need to get completed before you can release them.

But you will not release them until they are complete.

PRESIDENT BARACK CLINTON: We have an audit, but it’s not over.

We are still in the process of determining whether or not they have a factual basis to demand a release of all of the returns.

But, as President Obama said, it’s important for the American people to know how much money has been spent on our campaign, our fundraising efforts, and the tax returns we’re releasing are based on the advice of our outside counsel.

I do think, as you all know, that if you’re not going to make those returns, we need to look at whether they’re complete or incomplete.

And I think the American public should know what we’ve spent on the campaigns, and they should know whether or when we’ll release our tax returns or whether or the IRS will release them because it’s very important for us to have accurate information about our finances.


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