Biden to propose plan to help U.S. meet keto’s targets

President Biden will unveil a plan to boost the U.K.’s keto diet and boost the number of U.N. members participating in the World Health Organization’s global response plan, according to a statement from his office.

Biden will announce the plan in his State of the Union address on Wednesday.

Biden’s announcement comes on the heels of a major push in Congress by members of both parties to boost keto as part of a bipartisan strategy to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The plan would see the U,S.

and U.NS countries all work together to meet the goal of keto diets in the United States by 2025, the statement said.

Biden, who is vice president, will also work with U.

Ns and other nations to “ensure that U. S. citizens, and their families and communities can benefit from the keto plan.”

It is unclear whether Biden will go after a particular group of countries, such as Japan or South Korea, for being too restrictive.

The U.B.S., with more than 30 million people, is the world’s fourth largest economy, after China, India and Brazil.

It has also been the target of criticism from the White House, which said in September that keto could not be as successful in preventing disease as other diet plans because of the amount of calories people need.

The administration has said that the ketogenic diet is a way to fight obesity and heart disease, as well as prevent diabetes.


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