Google, Facebook to partner on a new ‘smart’ home hub

A smart home hub could be one of the biggest developments of the next decade.

Google, Facebook, and the leading companies in the industry have been working on a project called “Connected Homes,” which is focused on connecting a range of connected devices together into a single, integrated platform that is designed to make it easier for people to manage their homes.

That could be a big deal for home automation.

Google has announced that it will be working with the home automation company, Nest, and Facebook to develop a new smart home product.

The hub, according to The Wall Street Journal, will “automatically switch on and off lights, air conditioners, and other home automation devices when they are plugged in and off.”

The company will use the information from those devices to provide alerts to the users, so they can switch them off and on, or “wake up” them in the event of an emergency.

Google and Facebook are expected to unveil a beta version of the hub later this year, the WSJ reported. 

Google and Facebook have been collaborating closely on smart home hubs in the past.

Google unveiled a smart home appliance called Nest Protect, which could alert users of potential problems like smoke or water damage.

Google also partnered with Nest to bring a new thermostat to the market, and Nest’s Nest Learning app will help users with their homes in a similar way.

Google and Nest will reportedly be working together on a home hub, which is likely to be a part of the Connected Homes project.

That’s a big development, given that Nest already announced its partnership with Google, a move that comes at a time when Google is working to make its Nest products more secure and connected.


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