Which car is best for a bird?

The new Toyota of Plano Animal Shelter in Plano, Texas is designed to look like a toy airplane and flies with the owner on board.

The Toyota of planos shelter, designed by the same design team that designed the Toyota Tundra, is now available for purchase.

The shelter, which has been operational since February 2018, was built for birds, the shelter’s owner, and their companions.

The plano animal shelter has two different types of bird cages and one is for small birds.

The other is for large birds.

The shelter is located at 441 West 7th Street in Planos plan.

It can accommodate about 15 birds and their owners.

It also has an outdoor seating area and a pet friendly area.

The plano shelter is designed by David D. Smith and has been designed with the help of design team members who were at the same time designing the Toyota of the same name.

The designers say they chose the design to incorporate a bird’s favorite toy.

The new shelter features the Toyota logo on the door and on the roof.

“The design has been an ongoing process for a long time,” Smith said.

“I always felt like the bird’s first experience with a toy was always a great one.

The Toyotas have been a favorite for our shelter, and the idea of bringing this toy to life for our birds was a natural fit.”

The Toyota design team has been in the bird business for a while, Smith said, adding that the toy is “an iconic toy” that will be used for years to come.

Smith and his team designed the shelter based on the Toyota RAV4, a vehicle that was created in 1982, and features a retractable roof.

It was designed to fly at speeds of up to 65 mph.

It’s currently owned by the Plano Aviation Association, a group of hobbyists.

Smith said he and his family plan to donate the new shelter to the Planos Animal Shelter.


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