What you need to know about transverse plane plan

A strategic planning team of the Israeli Air Force has devised a plan to put a transverse airplane in service.

The plan, submitted to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, is a major step toward the establishment of the Israel Transverse Plane Corporation, a state-owned company with the task of building planes for military use.

The company is planning to start its operations next year, with a first plane expected to be in service in 2020, and the second in 2022.

The planes will be equipped with new engines, new flight controls, and upgraded radar systems, all of which would help them fly higher and longer distances than any existing aircraft.

The first plane will be able to reach speeds of nearly 400 kilometers per hour, which is faster than the Concorde and much faster than even the fastest Concorde aircraft.

The plane’s designers say the plane’s performance is already well beyond what was achievable with conventional airplanes at the time.

They have designed the plane with a maximum speed of 300 kilometers per second, which would allow it to fly at speeds of over 900 kilometers per day.

According to the plans, the company would then be able begin the design and build of two more transverse planes, each of which will be capable of reaching speeds of 800 kilometers per minute.

According a military official familiar with the plans:The plan proposes a total of six planes.

The military official said the company is currently designing four of the planes and expects to begin building four more by the end of 2018.

The plans, which are based on the work of the Strategic Planning Division of the Air Force, state that the first two planes will carry the Israeli flag, while the third will carry a national flag, the fourth a national emblem, and so on.

The plan further states that the final two planes are designed for “combat purposes” but does not specify how these will be used.

While the plan is expected to have a significant impact on Israeli aviation, it will not affect the number of Israeli military planes that Israel has available.

The plans, however, indicate that the country’s existing planes could be turned into transverse airplanes.

The military official also noted that the company’s aircraft would not be able “to perform the operational tasks of an operational aircraft” due to the design limitations of existing planes.

However, he added that the plane would not have to perform the same functions as an aircraft of the same type.

Israel has already begun to produce the planes.

Earlier this month, a company in the city of Beersheba unveiled its first plane, and earlier this month Israel’s military launched a new project to produce more planes, the Israeli military said.

The Israeli Defense Forces, or IDF, plans to begin using transverse aircraft by 2021.

A spokesman for the company told Haaretz that it expects to produce 10 aircraft by then, but it did not give a timeframe.

A spokeswoman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment.

The new company will be headed by Yael Luria, a former chief of staff to Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon and a former deputy defense minister in the Knesset.

She is a former professor at Tel Aviv University’s Herzliya Center for Strategic Studies, and she has extensive military experience.


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