Which plane will land first in SpaceX’s $1.9 billion Falcon 9 launch?

SpaceX’s first launch of the Falcon 9 rocket is set to take place Tuesday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., and the company has yet to reveal the exact location.

However, it’s expected to occur on a runway that was already in use during last year’s launch of SpaceShipTwo, a commercial suborbital test flight of a rocket that was built by Lockheed Martin.

The company plans to put a SpaceX-built Dragon capsule into the first stage of the launch and the rocket will then return to the launch pad.

This is the first launch for SpaceX since the company’s Falcon 9 booster exploded in December 2016, killing all five crew on board.

This year, SpaceX has a total of four launches scheduled for liftoff from Cape May, Fla.

The first is on April 29 from Cape Kennedy, Fla.; the second is on May 1 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.; the third is on June 1 from Kennedy Space Center, Fla; and the fourth is on July 11 from Cape Ray-Richardson Air Force base, Fla..

The third launch from Vandenburg on Wednesday is scheduled to launch the Space Launch System rocket.

SpaceX has not released the exact date for each launch.

This week, it also had two launches of the Dragon spacecraft on a SpaceX rocket.

The rocket will lift off from Vandengy in California, where the company will begin testing the vehicle’s cryogenic upper stage and crew capsule.

After liftoft, the Dragon will blast off toward the International Space Station from Cape Rogers, Fla.: The rocket’s rocket engine will power the vehicle, while the crew capsule will be placed on the rocket.

This will be the first time a SpaceX vehicle has flown on the space station.

The Dragon is designed to carry four astronauts.

The capsule is designed for up to five astronauts, and the capsule itself is capable of carrying up to 16 people.

The Falcon 9 has a first stage with a liquid oxygen tank and two boosters.

The second stage is made of solid rocket boosters, with the rocket being used as a secondary payload.


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