The world’s most important dog house is now complete

The world is now home to a truly unique structure: a single dog house, complete with a dog-friendly interior, built from materials salvaged from the remains of a human-designed structure.

Built in 2011, the dog house will be placed on a hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal, according to a press release from the Portuguese Maritime Heritage Institute.

The project was named after Portuguese explorer Pedro Cabello, who founded the Dog House Museum in 1815.

A team of 40 architects and engineers built the structure, which was named the Doghouse of Portugal.

Built by a team of professionals, the structure is an open structure that can accommodate a family of three and a dog.

The structure has been designed with a number of different designs and features, including a deck that is suspended from the base, a roof that spans the entire length of the structure and an open kitchen and dining area.

The dog house also features a series of natural light sources that allow for the best light and ventilation for the animal’s shelter and also for the natural ventilation that occurs during the winter months.

The Dog House of Portugal is located in Portugal’s coastal city of Algarve.

The architects are working with the local community to create a lasting legacy of history for the Dog house.

They are now working with a local foundation to build a new house in the area.

“It is important to remember that this is a very small building.

The building itself is only 2.4m (8.5ft) in diameter, and the area is only 800m (2,500ft) long,” the press release says.

“The Dog House is also a memorial for Pedro Cabellos family.

Its very special to see the work of such an extraordinary artist.

He is one of the great architects of the Portuguese Empire and has contributed a great deal to the Portuguese history.

We hope that the building’s history will inspire us to create more beautiful buildings.”

The Dog house is being constructed in partnership with the Portuguese Foundation of Architecture, who are building a building that will be dedicated to the island nation.

The construction will begin in 2019.


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