Apple’s $99 Apple Watch may be the best smartphone ever, analyst says

Apple is selling a watch that’s not just a watch, but a really smartwatch, according to an analyst who’s written a book about the company. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Michael Yurick has said the Apple Watch, if it’s the right watch, is going to be a $100 product.

The article says Yurack believes Apple will sell 1 million units of the AppleWatch this year.

He predicts the Apple watch will have a 3D display and a GPS, and that it’ll be priced at $299, which is almost twice the price of the Moto 360.

The new watch will come with a heart rate monitor, a camera and an NFC chip.

Yurank also says Apple is going back to a single color, and will be releasing a second watch with a more traditional white display.

The company has not yet said what the Applewatch will cost.

We’re looking at it right now, but it’s going to come with two different versions of a watch with different hardware, including a watch band. 

The WSJ article says the company wants to make the Apple Watches more affordable for consumers, which means it’ll likely be launching in cheaper colors. 

“We are targeting to hit $300 in 2018,” Yurck said.

“The new Apple Watch is going into two versions, a basic and a premium version, with a black color, with an Apple logo, and with a white color.

The premium model is $399, and we’re also releasing the $399 Apple Watch Sport Edition. “

We have the basic model for $299.

I think the premium watch is going in 2018.””

I think we’re going to go for the premium model.

I think the premium watch is going in 2018.”

Yurick is one of the biggest critics of Apple’s smartphone plans.

He’s been outspoken about Apple’s plans to use artificial intelligence and augmented reality to improve Apple Watch experience, saying he’d be surprised if Apple didn’t use the technology to make Apple Watch more accessible and useful.

Yurack also said the Watch will be available in gold and silver, which will cost $300, $300 for gold and $200 for silver.

The Apple Watch has a metal case and a glass display.


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