When a plane goes missing: Australia’s first ever plane missing

A plane went missing in the Northern Territory last week, leaving family and friends devastated.

Key points:The plane took off from the Alice Springs Airport at 7:50am on Tuesday (NZ time) and was due to land at a town near Alice Springs (9:00am on Thursday)When it didn’t, the pilot called the policeThe pilot’s daughter found the plane and reported it to authoritiesThe pilot was the first person to ever take off and land a plane on his own at the remote town of Alice Springs, NT.

A police search party arrived at the airport at 7.50am (NZ/Aus time) on Tuesday, and the plane was taken by the local fire service to the town of Bobo where the pilot’s wife found the wreckage and reported the missing plane to police.

“We’ve lost an airplane that has gone missing.

We lost a plane that has taken off and landed at our town.

That’s all we can say at this point,” Alice Springs Mayor Ron Smith said.”

My wife is very upset at the loss of this plane, and I want to thank everyone that’s supported us in this.”

Mr Smith said the plane took the route from Alice Springs to Bobo in two hours.

“It’s a beautiful flight that’s a very long flight, and that’s why it’s such a shame that this one has gone.”

The plane was travelling on a route known as the “Lighthouse Route”, which involves the departure of a number of large aircraft to the city of Alice in the Western Australian desert, with the pilot in the first aircraft to land.

The search for the plane has now been suspended.

Police are still searching for the pilot, who is a father of two.

The pilot is now under police protection, but police have yet to release details about the case.

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