How to choose the best wireless family plans for 2018

There’s no denying that the mobile family plans have come a long way in the last few years, and that they’re now one of the cheapest plans out there.

That’s not to say that they’ve not improved, but they’ve also got some glaring weaknesses that could make them less than ideal for new family members.

Read on for our top picks for the best mobile family plan for 2018.1.

AT&T Mobility Family Plan (AT&T Family) – $79.99 per month1.

Verizon Wireless Family Plan – $89.992.

Sprint Nextel Family Plan with Unlimited 4G – $99.993.

AT & T Mobile Plan – for $59.994.

Verizon Business Wireless Plan – with unlimited data and voice for $69.995.

AT Home Plans – for just $69 per month6.

AT Business Mobile Plans – $69 each per month7.

Verizon Nextel Wireless Plan with 4G, LTE, and 3G for $79 per month8.

Verizon Home Mobile Plans with 4GB and unlimited data for $99 per plan9.

AT Enterprise Mobile Plans $79 each per year10.

AT Wireless Business Mobile plans $79 and up for $129.99 (depending on plan length)1.

At&t Mobility FamilyPlan – for the average family of 3, with two children in school or college, and two adults on the payroll, this plan has the best value for money, according to our research.

This plan covers most AT&t customers and is the best of the three.

It’s also the only plan that offers unlimited data.2.

VerizonNextel Wireless Plans – For the average customer with two or more children, this is the cheapest plan available.

It covers most Verizon customers and has the most plans available.3.

SprintNextel Mobile Plans for the typical household of two or three, including the family with two adults, plus unlimited talk, text and data.4.

ATHome Plans – If you have kids, this offers unlimited talk and text for $35 per month with a two-year contract.

If you’re not a Verizon Wireless customer, this offer offers unlimited 4G and unlimited 3G data for just a $49 per month contract.5.

SprintHome Mobile Plans are for the family of two with two kids and unlimited talk for $60 per month.6.

Business Mobile Plan for families of three or more with unlimited talk or text for just 30% off of the cost of their monthly plan.7.

ATBarrons Mobile Plan offers unlimited LTE and 4G data at a lower price.8.

ATX Plans offer unlimited LTE for just 15% off the cost.9.

Verizon Enterprise Mobile plans are available with 2GB of 4G LTE data for only $79 a month, and $129 for a two year contract.10.

VerizonHome Mobile plans and ATHome plans are for families with 2-3 children.

They’re cheaper than AT& t Mobile plans.11.

AT Family plans offer unlimited talk at $40 per month and unlimited text at $80 a month.12.

VerizonBusiness Mobile plans offer 4G for just 45% off.13.

ATMobile Business plans are the best deals available for customers with kids in school.

They offer unlimited 4GB of data for about $35 a month with unlimited text and talk for just about $80 for a 2-year deal.14.

ATeMobile Family Plans offer 4GB LTE for $80 and up.15.

VerizonFamily plans offer 2GB for $90 a month and 2GB data for the same price.16.

ATx Mobile plans, and ATx Business plans offer a combination of 4GB for just over $100 a month for 2 years of unlimited talk on two- or three-gigabyte data plans.17.

ATBusiness plans also offer unlimited text for a one-time $79 charge for the first 30 days of your account.18.

Verizon Family plans are limited to 1GB of LTE data.19.

ATFamily plans are unlimited for just 14 months of unlimited 4MB of data.20.

ATs Family plans have unlimited 4Mbps for just 12 months.21.

AT+ Family plans for $49 each for a family of three.22.

Verizon-branded Mobile plans with unlimited 4, 4G or 3G, for a limited time, for just 35% off their price.23.

ATmobile is available with unlimited 3, 3G or 4G talk for about 20% off for one year.24.

ATGroups Unlimited Mobile plans for just 8% off all bills.25.

AT Mobile Business plans for an extra 30% for an additional two years.26.

ATmobiles Unlimited Mobile for just 25% off monthly bills.27.

ATo Mobile for 15% to 30% savings on phone bills for the whole family.28. AT Plus


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