Indonesia plane crash: Two men killed in plane geometry crash

Indonesia’s air force said on Monday it had killed two men who were in a plane plane’s geometry.

The plane that crashed into a remote mountain in Sumatra, killing two people and injuring three, had been fitted with an electrical planer that was meant to be a safety feature.

The plane was carrying about 50 passengers, including four children, and the pilot, a pilot from the island of Borneo, the armed forces said in a statement.

It said the plane was in the early stages of its journey to the southern island of Sumatra when the pilot lost contact with the ground.

The Indonesian military said in its statement that the plane had gone into an “excessive and extreme” angle and it was “highly unlikely” the plane would have made it safely.

It said one of the men was taken to hospital and the other was taken by ambulance to the military hospital in Borneu where he was being treated for shock.

The statement said the pilot was airman 1st class, who was an instructor in the air force’s technical unit.

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