Thrift Savings Plan Prices: A Comparison Between Plans From All Three Storage Plans

A comparison between plans from all three storage plans from iclud and god’s plan is out, and it shows that plan B price is the cheapest among all storage plans.

According to data compiled by IClud, the cheapest plan, plan A, was priced at Rs 7,000 and the cheapest plans B, C, and D were Rs 9,000.IClud also provided details of the price of plans A, B, and C, along with plans D and E.

The plans A and B offer a range of storage space, while the cheapest options of plan C offer a storage space of about 1.3 x 1.5 x 2.5 feet.

The cheapest plans C and D offer a 3.5 foot storage space.

All three storage plan offer a cost-per-year subsidy.

For plan A and C respectively, this subsidy is Rs 1,000 per year for an annual cost of Rs 18,000, while for plan D, the subsidy is around Rs 6,000 for an Annual Cost of Rs 12,000 while for plans E, E-B, and E-C respectively, the cost is around 5,000 rupees per year.