Netflix to pay $20 per month to offer internet plans for all its users

The streaming video company is about to make internet plans even better.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix will begin offering the same internet plan plans that all other U.S. companies do now, including Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and AT&ltd.

Netflix also plans to offer new plans with lower prices, as well as new discounts, the WSJ reported.

The company announced plans in January for customers to pay just $15 per month for internet access at all times.

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to Netflix’s current $75 per month rate, and is cheaper than what Comcast charges for its high-speed Internet.

The WSJ noted that Netflix had previously made plans available at the same price as other U and European internet service providers.

Netflix had also said it would make the same offer to U.K. customers.

Netflix has already started offering similar plans in countries like Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.

However, this is the first time that Netflix is offering the internet plan for a $20 monthly fee.

The company’s website states that it “is a platform for sharing and learning, and providing content for everyone to enjoy.”

Netflix’s plans are currently only available to existing customers of the service, and customers will need to buy the plan for their existing Netflix subscription.

Netflix plans will only be available to customers with a Comcast broadband connection.

Netflix will offer its plan on the following channels: HBO, HBO GO, Cinemax, Cinemark, Comedy Central, Showtime, Showtime GO, Disney Movies Anywhere, Starz, and Warner Bros. The plan also includes “Netflix Premium,” which is a premium streaming service that Netflix will pay $15 a month to stream.