A big announcement for Perth’s next Bigger and Bolder festival is set for March 2019

More than a year and a half after Bigger & Bolder’s debut, the Perth music and arts festival is finally set to make its debut at its new venue, the CBD.

Key points:Bigger & Bold founder and executive director Nick Brown says the festival will be a new frontier in the world of music venue managementKey points Perth’s first Bigger&Bolder festival will open its doors on March 19, 2019Key points The venue is scheduled to host the festival’s inaugural Bigger-Bolder weekend on March 27The venue will also host events for both the Bigger Bolder and Bigger eventThe venue’s location will allow for an event to take place in either areaThe venue is also set to host events to take part in both the new Bigger Bigger events, and the upcoming Bigger, Bigger festival, as well as other festivals in the future.

Bigger&bold will be taking over the former B&B venue in the CBD from the Perth Music Centre and will be the first venue in Perth to host an annual event in the city.

“We want to make sure that the festival stays local, and local people have access to the music,” said Nick Brown, Biger&Bold’s CEO.

“It will also provide us with a platform to help bring the music back to Perth.”

The venue itself is set to be a big part of the event.

Its location will enable it to host both the events, as they have been in Perth since 2017, as part of a Bigger+Bolder Weekend.

“There will be three different areas to the festival, and we will be able to have an event in one area, and then have a festival in another area, which will then take place both in one day,” Mr Brown said.

“That will be our way of giving access to different areas of the city.”

A bigger venue will allow the festival to host a variety of eventsThe venue has been a home for many festivals over the years, including BiggerBolder, Biggies, Big Glam, Big Party, Big Day and Big Fun.

“This venue will be ideal for the events we are planning, as it will have a great venue, great sound and lighting, and a good number of people are coming and going,” Mr Broughan said.

The venue, which has already hosted events for the Biggie, BigGlam and Big Party festivals, will be one of the most ambitious venues to date for a festival.

“I think there are only a few venues that can do that,” Mr Baker said.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for music fans to get in the spirit of the occasion.

“A huge thank you to our community for supporting us through the Big Giggles and Big Gams, and also Big Party and Big Day,” Mr Scott said.

He said there would be plenty to do for festival-goers in the event of major events, including a massive event on the Big Day, which is the largest day of the year.

“Our first Big Day will be big, it will be huge, and it will happen on a Sunday,” Mr Rundle said.

Mr Scott said the festival was set to welcome about 20,000 people for the weekend, which was expected to be the largest attendance to date.

“Hopefully we’ll be able bring in a couple hundred thousand people and that will be really good for our city,” Mr Tamburello said.

B&B is expected to draw thousands more people for its eventThe event is scheduled for a Saturday night, and will run for three days, with the event running from March 25 to 31.

Mr Brown said the venue had been the perfect venue for the event, with a large outdoor venue and a lot of different activities planned.

“The venue for Big Gigs and Big Parties will be fantastic,” he said.

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