How China’s planes are on the market and what you need to know

China is the world’s largest consumer of planes.

But despite the country’s economic success, its air force has suffered significant air pollution problems in recent years.

The problem is that Beijing has invested billions in building up a fleet of jets and other military equipment, but the air force still doesn’t have a plan to solve the problem, according to a new report.

The country’s Air Force Daily says the air forces’ fleet of military aircraft is worth about $1 trillion and is in demand by both the Chinese military and the private sector.

“The air force needs to develop a plan for its own future,” Air Force Chief of Staff, General Wang Yiqiang, said in a statement.

“If the air fleet cannot be transformed into an efficient, modern and reliable one, we will have to rely on other military forces.”

The air forces have a number of different types of planes in service, with a number that can be purchased through various commercial sources, including Boeing and Airbus.

One of the key points in the Air Force’s plan is to improve the aircrew training and certification of the air fleets.

According to Air Force officials, training is the major obstacle to the fleet’s development.

China also needs to make a plan on how to improve its air fleet in order to avoid being left behind by other countries, Air Force General Wang said.

Currently, China has about 4,000 aircraft in service and the number will grow to 10,000 in the next five years, Airman Wang said in the statement.

While the Chinese air force may have a few planes in the pipeline, it’s unclear how the country plans to use those aircraft, the Airman said.

The Air Force wants to increase its planes’ combat capability and increase the effectiveness of its air defense systems, he added.

For more, read China’s Air Power.


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