What is a PASPA?

PASPSA, PASSAKA (Reuters) – The U.S. Army has issued an open-floor plan (OFP) for a new medical center in southeastern Pashtunistan.

The Army said the PASPAR facility would be built near the town of Pashtu on the border with Pakistan and would be operational within two years.

“This project is expected to bring significant economic benefits to Pashtuns, promote the development of their health care systems and improve the health of PASHTUNES,” it said in a statement on Wednesday.

Pashtun communities in Pashta have been struggling to obtain basic health services for decades.

In a report released in August, the United Nations World Health Organization said Pashtimas’ health care system is suffering from lack of access and lack of funding.

The hospital is expected, according to a draft OFP released in September, to have facilities that would treat at least 25,000 patients, including a primary care center, outpatient clinic, pharmacy and an orthopedic clinic.

The facility will be designed in the Pashto language, and it will include an orthopaedic hospital, a pharmacy, a pediatric clinic, an oncology clinic and an on-site pharmacy.

The Pashts are the largest ethnic group in Pakistan and the largest minority group in Afghanistan.

Pakistan is home to about 8 million people, about 40 percent of whom live in the southern provinces of Baluchistan and Pashistan.

In the northeast, the Taliban has been responsible for the majority of attacks on U.N. peacekeepers in recent years, and they have been fighting to carve out a new province that includes the Pakistani province of Balochistan.