Walmart phone plans to add new categories for prepaid plans

Walmart plans to offer a slew of new prepaid phone plans starting July 1, including plans that offer $1,000 off the cost of a single phone call and unlimited talk and text.

Walmart also will launch its own mobile phone plan, which will include a $1 million bonus and a $50 monthly fee, the company announced Thursday.

The new categories are designed to make it easier for shoppers to compare pricing and perks on new prepaid plans, which can be a more attractive option than traditional plans.

The plans are aimed at people with limited credit and cash flow, as well as those who are struggling with a high credit card debt.

“You can get these prepaid plans for less money, they’re very affordable and you can get them on a smartphone and you don’t have to worry about that,” said Craig Wootson, senior vice president of Walmart’s mobile network services.

“They’re also very good value, which is great when you’re struggling with debt.”

For consumers with credit, Walmart is also offering a $5 discount on a new prepaid plan that starts July 1.

The savings apply to plans that are eligible for a $500 bonus or $500 in the first year.

For those who have a large balance, Walmart offers a $10 off the plan.

Walmart is still accepting pre-paid plans from other carriers.

Wootson said Walmart has been working with carriers to develop and implement more flexible prepaid plans that can be customized to meet their needs.

He said that it’s important to note that Walmart plans do not cover international roaming, so Walmart customers in the U.S. who are planning to visit abroad will need to find other prepaid carriers.

The Walmart plans are designed for the iPhone and iPad, but are also available for Android and Windows phones.


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