Microsoft unveils family plan for 529 plans

Microsoft is making the case for its own family plan on the home front, with a new family plan that offers more flexibility and affordability than its competitors.

The new familyplan is a version of Microsoft’s Microsoft Family Plan that offers different options than the one that Microsoft offers for employer-sponsored plans.

Microsoft’s family plan allows people to keep their existing employer plan while adding the new option of a 529 plan that covers up to $5,500 of household expenses.

The familyplan will be available starting in 2019, but Microsoft’s plans have been available since last year.

It’s an important move for Microsoft, as the company has been struggling to find ways to attract and retain new customers to its services.

The plan includes more options than other plans, including child-care expenses, vacation time, health care, and retirement savings.

It also offers higher contributions for people with children under age 21, and it’s designed to cover older people without health insurance.

For more information on the Microsoft familyplan, see Microsoft’s announcement.

Microsoft FamilyPlan is available starting next year for $99 a year for individuals, $149 a year or $199 for families.

The company’s plan is a part of the company’s new Microsoft Family Business continuity plan.

Microsoft has already announced plans to offer other family plans on the Home front, including a familyplan for students.

Microsoft plans to make its new family planning plan available to the public in the coming months.

Microsoft will also be making available a Family Plan Builder, which will make it easier for people to get started planning their own family.

Microsoft says it will continue to offer its existing plan, as well as the new plan, through its Office 365 customer service center.


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