What you need to know about the Oregon Health Plan’s new Obamacare enrollment program

On Friday, the Oregon Department of Human Services launched its Obamacare enrollment process, which is designed to help consumers shop for coverage.The new process, known as “open enrollment,” will allow consumers to shop for health coverage online and over the phone, while the Oregon Medical Association has put together a webinar to explain the process

At&t Hotspot Plans to ‘Roll Out’ ‘Toys and Games’

At&ts Hotspot plans to ‘roll out’ ‘toys and games’ across its hotspots in the coming weeks, following a review of its business plan.At&ts will have a range of “games, toys and activities” in the home, but there is a separate plan for “games and toys for toddlers and children”.“We’ve listened to our customers and our

How to choose the best wireless family plans for 2018

There’s no denying that the mobile family plans have come a long way in the last few years, and that they’re now one of the cheapest plans out there.That’s not to say that they’ve not improved, but they’ve also got some glaring weaknesses that could make them less than ideal for new family members.Read on

Why do people think skateboards are ‘overpriced’?

The most popular products on the market today have become so expensive that consumers don’t need to spend money to buy them, according to a new study.“I think people have lost faith in skateboards,” said Richard Stapleton, CEO of the skateboard company Skateboard World.“They feel like if they buy something new and they see it’s


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