Microsoft unveils family plan for 529 plans

Microsoft is making the case for its own family plan on the home front, with a new family plan that offers more flexibility and affordability than its competitors.The new familyplan is a version of Microsoft’s Microsoft Family Plan that offers different options than the one that Microsoft offers for employer-sponsored plans.Microsoft’s family plan allows people

How to save on plane tickets

The airline industry has been grappling with a number of problems over the past few years.The cost of connecting to the global economy has skyrocketed and airlines are now competing for business.But a new survey of more than 1,000 U.S. travelers suggests that airlines could be doing more to make their tickets more affordable for

When Jolliboo launched a business plan, it left a trail of unanswered questions

Jollaboo launched the Jollipop Business Plan in November 2015, but many questions remain unanswered.JolliBoo’s plan outlines a business that allows its members to make online payments, but how exactly does that work?How much will it cost?Will it be a way to make payments online?Will members pay a monthly fee to get their plans set up?Jollies

How to Plan a Succession Planning Plan

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When you sign up for a health plan, do you have access to all of the plans?

On Thursday, the federal government announced that it would allow Canadians to purchase unlimited data plans for $199.99.The move comes amid a wave of criticism from health care experts and consumer groups over the rollout of the new $14-billion national health plan.“With the launch of the national health care plan, Canadians have a choice of

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